All in the Method… with Dolores Reynals

22 05 2013

The new comedy Web Series from Muzzle the Pig. “All in the Method” sees two flat-sharing brothers who have chosen the poorly paid profession of acting. Believing in “the method” they become their character twenty-four-seven. In episodes 4 and 5 my sister, Dolores Reynals, plays a young Mexican who, along with her family, becomes part of Luke’s insane plan to get into the action hero character. Great job Sis!!

Take a look at episode 4:

La nueva serie web de comedia de Muzzle the Pig. “All in the Method” muestra a dos hermanos que viven juntos y que han escogido la actuación como profesión. Ambos creen en “el método”, por lo que se convierten en sus personajes las 24 horas del día. En los episodios 4 y 5 mi hermana, Dolores Reynals, interpreta a una joven Mexicana que, junto con su familia, formarán parte del alocado plan de Luke para entrar en el personaje de Héroe de acción. Muy buen trabajo Dolo!!

Acá les dejo el episodio 4:


“There be dragons” hits Spain!

30 03 2011

On March 25th the feature film “There be Dragons” premiered in Spain raising 893,503 euros and more than 139,000 viewers through its first weekend.

It is an epic story set in the turbulent era of the Spanish Civil War that unveils a compelling drama full of passion, betrayal, love and religion. It tells the story of Jose Maria Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei (Charlie Cox) and Manuel Torres (Wes Bentley), his childhood friend, who are separated by the political turmoil of the pre-war and choose opposite paths when the conflict erupts.

Written and directed by the two-time Oscar nominee Roland Joffé. Also features performances by Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Ana Torrent, Geraldine Chaplin and Rodrigo Santoro among others. With the cinematographic debut of my own sister, Dolores Reynals, embodying the Saint’s sister as Carmen Escrivá.

The production was led by Ignacio Núñez and Ignacio Gómez Sancha, whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year in Madrid. It was filmed mostly on location in Argentina, especially Buenos Aires, Luján and the Sierra de la Ventana.

Congratulations Sis! I can’t wait to see it!

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