Mendoza gets ready for Verónica

20 07 2010

The shooting began for “The Passion of Veronica Videla“; the feature will be the directorial debut of my friend Cristian Pellegrini. The production is in the hands of “Pandito Films”, founded by Cristian and Andrea Puebla.

I studied film together with Cristian and Andrea in the Escuela Regional Cuyo de Cine y Video, and we shape an excellent team, so I am very pleased to see that the script that Cristian wrote as his thesis finally takes the screen.

The drama tells the story of Veronica, a transvestite from Mendoza who earns her living by telling the fortune. She has two passions: to study psychology at university, which is her greatest desire and, live in Mendoza, which suffers due to the existence of Article 80 of the Offences Code which prohibits transvestites walk freely across the street. Her life gets more complicated when she tries to go to college and administrative obstacles are imposed, also will raise the change of identity as a prerequisite to enter.

The movie will be filmed entirely in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.

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7 01 2010

A few months have passed after shooting the Dutch film “First Mission”. Now you can check out the trailer of the upcoming movie.

Pocos meses han pasado desde el rodaje de la película Holandesa “First Mission”. Ahora puedes ver el tráiler del próximo estreno.

Shooting in the Jungle! (First Mission 2009)

12 07 2009

After four weeks we are finally half way of the shooting of “First Mission”, a drama produced by IDTV film and coproduced by broadcaster NCRV. Written by Barbara Jurgens and directed by Boris Paval Conen, the story takes place in the Iguazu Jungle, in Argentina and Paraguay. Dutch, English, Spanish and Guarani are the four languages spoken in the film, and I have the task of being the translator and dialogue coach. Anniek Pheifer plays the leading role, Tygo Gernandt and Mark Rietman complete the Dutch cast. Eugenia Lencinas, Ismael Santillan, Leonardo Ramirez, Héctor Bordoni, Victor Hugo Carrizo, Matías Desiderio, Cristina Murta and Javier Moreira (on his first role) are part of the local cast.

The majority of the film is being shot in MBORORE, an Indian reserve in the town of Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, where the feature film “The Mission” starring Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Aidan Quinn and Liam Neeson was shot 23 years ago. Some of our extras also played on this film directed by Roland Joffe, who is now shooting his new film “There be dragons” in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where my sister, the actress Dolores Reynals plays Carmen Escrivá.

Después de cuatro semanas hemos llegado a la mitad del rodaje de “First Mission“, un drama producido por IDTV film y coproducido por la broadcaster NCRV. Escrito por Barbara Jurgens y dirigido por Boris Paval Conen, la historia tiene como locación la selva de Iguazú en Argentina y Paraguay. Mi función en la película es la de traductora y coach de dialogo debido a que se hablan cuatro idiomas a lo largo del filme: Holandés, Ingles, Español y Guaraní. El largometraje cuenta con las actuaciones de Anniek Pheifer en el papel protagónico, Tygo Gernandt y Mark Rietman completando el elenco Holandés. El elenco local cuenta con las actuaciones de Eugenia Lencinas, Ismael Santillan, Leonardo Ramirez, Héctor Bordoni, Victor Hugo Carrizo, Matías Desiderio, Cristina Murta y Javier Moreira en su primer papel.

La mayor parte de la película se está rodando en MBORORE, una reserva indígena en la ciudad de Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, donde 23 años atarás se filmo el aclamado largometraje “La Misión” protagonizado por Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Aidan Quinn y Liam Neeson. Algunos de nuestros extras también participaron de este filme dirigido por Roland Joffe, quien actualmente se encuentra rodando “There be dragons” en Buenos Aires, Argentina, y en el cual mi hermana, la actriz Dolores Reynals interpreta a Carmen Escrivá.

Boris Paval Conen giving instructions for the delivery scene

Boris Paval Conen giving instructions for the delivery scene

First Mission is the title of the next movie I am working on!

10 06 2009

mjr-avatar-drama-thumbnailThis week I started to work on the feature film “First Mission”, directed by Boris Paval Conen and starring Anniek Pheifer, Mark Rietman and Tygo Gernandt, three experienced Dutch actors. This Friday we will be flying to the province of Misiones, Argentina to start shooting this dramatic story about a young Dutch doctor on her first mission to Latin-America.

Esta semana comencé a trabajar en el largometraje “First Mission”, dirigido por Boris Paval Conen y protagonizado por Anniek Pheifer, Mark Rietman y Tygo Gernandt, tres experimentados actores holandeses. El viernes viajaremos a la provincia de Misiones, donde comenzaremos el rodaje de esta dramática historia sobre una joven doctora de los países bajos en su primera misión por Latinoamérica.

Screenplay Competition at DC Film Festival – an interesting concept / Competencia de guiones, un concepto interesante!

13 09 2008

Today I visited the DC Shorts Film Festival premises again, this time to see a Screenplay Competition where  six screenplays were read live by its authors and actors performed the roles in the script. After seeing all the screenplays, the public is asked to vote via text message… the one that got the majority of votes received a prize in money to film the short and secured its participation in the 2009 edition of the DC Shorts Film Festival. This year the participants were: “The note” (drama), “Shiva” (comedy), “Two lines and a stick” (comedy), “Taco Mary” (comedy), “Geronimo’s last ride” (drama), “Last drag” (drama). The winner of the Screenplay Competition was Taco Mary written and directed by Mary Novak, the one I voted for! :}

Hoy visite las salas del DC Shorts Film Festival nuevamente, esta vez para ver una competencia de guiones donde seis guiones fueron leidos por sus autores mientras actores actuaban los roles del guion. Despues de ver todos los guiones, el publico debia votar por medio de mensajes de texto… el que obtenia la mayoria de votos recibia un premio en dinero para filmar el corto y tenia ademas la posibilidad de participar en la edicion 2009 del festival. Este año los participantes fueron: “The note” (drama), “Shiva” (comedia), “Two lines and a stick” (comedia), “Taco Mary” (comedia), “Geronimo’s last ride” (drama), “Last drag” (drama). El ganador de la competencia fue Taco Mary escrito y dirigido por Mary Novak, que fue el que yo vote! :}

Article in Corriere Della Sera about La Luce nel Cuore

13 06 2008

I found this article in the famous newspaper “Corriere della sera” from June 11, 2008 (in Italian):
Encontre este articulo en el famoso diario “Corriere della sera” del 11 de junio de 2008 (en Italia):

Il caso «La luce nel cuore» prodotta dalla Rai sul ruolo della musica nella drammatica vicenda del 1992
In tv il bambino svegliato dal coma
«Rinato» dopo l’ ascolto di brani di Venditti, la sua storia è fiction. Il regista Alberto Simone: «Non è stato facile convincere la famiglia a dare il consenso per il film»
DAL NOSTRO INVIATO BUENOS AIRES – Gianluca pensava di essere stato rapito dagli extraterrestri: orribili esseri in camice bianco, che gli infilavano aghi da tutte le parti, che lo manipolavano senza pietà, facendogli tanto male. Uno di loro aveva perfino preso le sembianze della madre: sì, perché era inaccettabile, per lui, che la sua mamma vera permettesse che…(click to continue reading)

End of shooting for La Luce nel Coure by Alberto Simone

30 05 2008

We have finished shooting the drama “La luce nel Cuore” by Alberto Simone, italian director and founder of Dauphine Film Company. It was a very good experience to shoot with an international team and in a different language (Italian). There were great performances by David Coco, Lorenza Indovina and the young boy Renato Quattordio. Now the editing phase will be done in Italy, so we will have to wait until December to see the final result!

Terminamos de filmar el drama “La luce nel Cuore” de Alberto Simone, director italiano y fundador de Dauphine Film Company. Fue una gran experiencia filmar con un equipo de trabajo internacional y en otro idioma (Italiano). Hubo grandes interpretaciones de David Coco, Lorenza Indovina y el joven actor Renato Quattordio. Ahora la edición se llevara a cabo en Italia, asique tendremos que esperar hasta Diciembre para ver el resultado final!

I have copied here some pictures from Flickr “La Luce Nel Cuore Photostream“:
He copiado aqui algunas fotos de Flickr “La Luce Nel Cuore Photostream“:










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