Mendoza gets ready for Verónica

20 07 2010

The shooting began for “The Passion of Veronica Videla“; the feature will be the directorial debut of my friend Cristian Pellegrini. The production is in the hands of “Pandito Films”, founded by Cristian and Andrea Puebla.

I studied film together with Cristian and Andrea in the Escuela Regional Cuyo de Cine y Video, and we shape an excellent team, so I am very pleased to see that the script that Cristian wrote as his thesis finally takes the screen.

The drama tells the story of Veronica, a transvestite from Mendoza who earns her living by telling the fortune. She has two passions: to study psychology at university, which is her greatest desire and, live in Mendoza, which suffers due to the existence of Article 80 of the Offences Code which prohibits transvestites walk freely across the street. Her life gets more complicated when she tries to go to college and administrative obstacles are imposed, also will raise the change of identity as a prerequisite to enter.

The movie will be filmed entirely in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.

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