Bianca Wu’s 胡琳 – 雪中情 (Love in snow) music video

26 11 2012

And finally, here it is the fourth music video of Bianca Wu we shot in Buenos Aires. Enjoy!

Y finalmente, aquí esta el cuarto video clips de Bianca Wu que grabamos en Buenos Aires. Disfrútenlo!


Bianca Wu’s 胡琳 – 遇見舊情人 (Old Lover) music video

27 10 2012

Here it is Bianca Wu‘s third music video of the four we shot in Buenos Aires. Enjoy!

Aqui esta el tercero de los cuatro video clips de Bianca Wu que grabamos en Buenos Aires. Disfrútenlo!

On set with Bianca Wu!

26 03 2012

Over the last days I have been working as Assistant Director on four music videos for the popular Chinese female singer Bianca Wu.

The videos correspond to the songs “Old lover”, “Bend or break”, “I believe” and “Love in snow” from her upcoming CDs.

Bianca started her singing career in Hong Kong in 2006 and immediately won the IFPI Best Selling New Female Artist award.

We shot the videos in different locations in the city of Buenos Aires and the production was done by the Dawidson Brothers.

It was a pleasure and a very interesting experience being able to work with Bianca. I wish her great success in her career!

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Shooting Leon Gieco’s new music video.

29 11 2011

Yesterday, I was 1st Assistant Director on the set of the renowned artist Leon Gieco’s new music video, with whom it has been a pleasure to work with. It was a hard shooting day involving more than 40 artists of the Latin American dance and music, among others. The video corresponds to the song “Hoy bailare” from his latest album entitled “El desembarco”. It was filmed entirely in studio in the city of Buenos Aires and directed by the brothers Mariano and Eric Dawidson.

Now we just have to wait for the premiere!

Ayer estuve como 1er Ayudante de Dirección en la filmación del nuevo video clip del reconocido artista Leon Gieco, junto a quien ha sido un gusto poder trabajar. Fue una jornada ardua en la que participaron más de 40 artistas de la danza y la música latinoamericana, entre otros. El video corresponde a la canción “Hoy bailare” de su último disco titulado “El desembarco”. Fue filmado enteramente en estudio en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y dirigido por los hermanos Mariano y Eric Dawidson.

Ahora solo queda esperar el estreno!